120. RAFT Step-Growth Polymerization of Bis-acrylamides and their Facile Degradation

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119. Improved Trianionic Pincer Ligand Synthesis for Cyclic Polymer Catalysts

Vineet K. Jakhar, Yu-Hsuan Shen, Sung-Min Hyun, Alec M. Esper, Ion Ghiviriga, Khalil A. Abboud, Daniel W. Lester, and Adam S. Veige

118. iClick synthesis of network metallopolymers

Yu-Hsuan Shen, Ion Ghiviriga, Khalil A. Abboud, Kirk S. Schanze and  Adam S. Veige 

117. Probing borafluorene B–C bond insertion with gold acetylide and azide

Yijie Li, Yu-Hsuan Shen, Alec M. Esper, John R. Tidwell, Adam S. Veige, and Caleb D. Martin 

116. Nanobowls from Amphiphilic Core–Shell Cyclic Bottlebrush Polymers

Digvijayee Pal, John B. Garrison, Zhihui Miao, Lily E. Diodati, Adam S. Veige, and Brent S. Sumerlin

115. N-heterocyclic carbene platinum-butadiyne Click/iClick complexes. Towards blue-violet phosphorescence

Ru He, Jhonti Chakraborty, Tanjila Islam, Hadi D. Arman, Wendell P. Griffith, Adam S. Veige, Kirk S. Schanze

114. Isolation of an Elusive Phosphametallacyclobutadiene and Its Role in Reversible Carbon−Carbon Bond Cleavage

V. K. Jakhar, A. M. Esper, I. Ghiviriga, K. A. Abboud, C. Ehm, A. S. Veige

113. A High-Throughput Approach to Repurposing Olefin Polymerization Catalysts for Polymer Upcycling

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112. Ring-Expansion Polymerization of Cycloalkenes and Linear Alkynes by Transition Metal Catalysts

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111. Semi-conducting cyclic copolymers of acetylene and propyne

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110. Double Tethered Metallacyclobutane Catalyst for Cyclic Polymer Synthesis

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109. Soluble polymer precursors via REMP for the synthesis of cyclic polyacetylene

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108. SPAAC iClick: Progress towards a biorthogonal reaction incorporating metal ions

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107. Probing ß-alkyl elimination and selectivity in polyolefin hydrogenolysis through DFT

106. Cyclic Polyaceteylene

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105. Precise NMR Method for Titering Oranometal Reagents

Jakhar, Vineet; Johnson, Eric C.; Kavuturu, Aditya; Heller, Jessica K.; Veige, Adam S.; Ghiviriga, Ion*

104. Tethered Tungsten-Alkylidenes for the Synthesis of Cyclic Polynorbornene via Ring Expansion Metathesis: Unprecedented Stereoselectivity and Trapping of Key Catalytic Intermediates

Jakhar, Vineet; Pal, Digvijayee; Ghiviriga, Ion; Abboud, Khalil A.; Lester, Daniel W.; Sumerlin, Brent S.; Veige, Adam S.*

103. Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Macrocyclic Bottlebrushes via Post-Polymerization Modification of a Cyclic Polymer

Pal, Digvijayee; Miao, Zhihui; Garrison, John B.; Veige, Adam S.*; Summerlin, Brent S.*

102. Cyclic Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene): Efficient Catalytic Synthesis of a Transparent Cyclic Polymer

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101. Synthesis and Characterization of Tungsten Alkylidene and Alkylidyne Complexes Featuring a New Carbazole-​Based Rigid Trianionic ONO3- Pincer-​Type Ligand

Mandal, Ushnish; VenkatRamani, Sudarsan; Ghiviriga, Ion; Abboud, Khalil A.; Veige, Adam S.*

100. Excited-​State Turn-​On of Aurophilicity and Tunability of Relativistic Effects in a Series of Digold Triazolates Synthesized via iClick

Zeman, Charles J.; Shen, Yu-Hsuan; Heller, Jessica K.; Abboud, Khalil A.; Schanze, Kirk S.; Veige, Adam S.*

99. An Application Exploiting Aurophilic Bonding and iClick to Produce White Light Emitting Materials

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98. Metallacyclopentadiene Initiators for Cyclic Polymer Synthesis from Alkynes

Christopher D. Roland, Tianyu Zhang, Sudarsan VenkatRamani, Ion Ghiviriga and Adam S. Veige *

97. Ammonia Synthesis through Hydrolysis of a Trianionic Pincer-type Supported Molybdenum-Nitride Complex

Chakraborty, J.; Mandal, U.; Ghiviriga, I.; Abboud, K. A.; Veige, A.S.*

96. pH-Responsive Water-Soluble Cyclic Polymer

Zhihui, M.; Tomohiro, K.; Digvijayee, P.; Sumerlin, B. S.*; Veige, A. S.*