Group Members

Current Group Members

Yu-Hsuan Shen

6th Year Ph.D. Candidate

Inorganic Division

Project: iClick/ Cyclic Polymers/ Pincer Ligand

Fun Fact: I can juggle eight balls at once

Courtney Sever

4th Year Ph.D. Candidate

Inorganic Division

Project: Tethered Metallacyclobutane

Fun Fact: I was on TV with Serena Williams

Parker Boeck

4th Year Ph.D. Candidate

Organic Division

Project: Elucidating Catenation during REMP

Fun Fact: Cooking is my favorite hobby!

Nicholas Campbell

2nd Year Graduate Student

Organic Division

Project: iClick

Fun Fact: I have performed classical music at Carnegie Hall

Thomas Odey Magu

2nd Year Graduate Student

Inorganic Division

Project: TBD

Fun Fact: I have an interest in environmental preservation and developing new catalysts which will support the advancement of several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG (#3, #4, #6, #7, #13 & #17)

Gina Pedro

2nd Year Graduate Student

Inorganic Division

Project: Cyclic Polymers

Fun Fact: I was once randomly selected to be an extra in a Jax music video

Vishal Chakravorty

1st Year Graduate Student

Organic Division

Project: Tethered Alkylidyne

Fun Fact: I like to cook!

Jack Schlamkowitz

1st Year Graduate Student

Inorganic Division

Project: Pincer Ligands

Fun Fact: I used to be a competitive skier and can do a very nice Borat impression!

Current Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Rinku Yadav

Defended 11/14/23

Fun Fact: I can play chess blindfolded

Dr. Alec Esper

Defended 11/9/23

Fun Fact: I went to my first Gators game at four weeks old

Current Undergraduate Students

Javier Hurst

3rd Year Undergraduate Student

Mentor: Rinku

Fun Fact: I like to go scuba diving

Michelle Byrus

3rd Year Undergraduate Student

Mentor: Courtney

Fun Fact: I’m from Brooklyn, NY

Alec Adam

4th Year Undergraduate Student

Mentor: Parker

Previous Group Members

Graduate Students

  1. Jürgen Koller (former member, 2006) currently: Employed by Wacker Chemical Corporation
  2. Adam R. Carlson (Masters, 2007) currently: works at Zachry Constructions
  3. Andrew J. Peloquin (Masters, 2008) currently: Chemist, US Air force
  4. Roxy J. Lowry (PhD, 2009) currently: Assistant Professor, Shorter University, Georgia
  5. Matthew S. Jeletic (PhD, 2010) currently: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  6. Michelle Jurcak (Masters, 2011) currently: QC chemist, Alabama
  7. Muhammad J. Tariq (former member, 2011) currently: Professor in University of Peshawar, Pakistan
  8. Soumya Sarkar (PhD, 2011) currently: Post-Doctoral Scholar at Cornell University under direction of Dr. Geoff Coates
  9. Amrita Mullick (former member, 2011) currently: Process Engineer at AMAT Inc
  10. Kevin McGowan (PhD, 2013) currently: Pursuing MBA at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business
  11. Matthew O’Reilly (PhD, 2013) currently: Post-Doctoral Scholar at the University of Virginia under the direction of Dr. T. Brent Gunnoe
  12. Nicholas Huff (Masters, 2013)
  13. Jakub Pedziwiatr (former member, 2014)
  14. Andrew Powers (PhD, 2015) currently: Pursuing MBA at University of Florida, Hough Graduate School
  15. Hong Li (former member, 2015)
  16. Matias Pascualini (PhD, 2015) currently: Employed by Intel as Sr. Packaging Process R&D Engineer.
  17. Sudarsan Venkatramani (PhD,2016) currently: Postdoc at MIT.
  18. Xi Yang (Ph.D.,2016) currently: Master program at UF.
  19. Soufiane Nadif (Ph.D. 2017) currently: Employed by the Intel
  20. Stella Gonsales (Ph.D. 2017) currently: Postdoc at Boston College
  21. Chris Roland (Ph.D. 2017)
  22. Christopher Beto (Ph.D. 2018)
  23. Weija Niu (Ph.D. 2018) Employed by Jordilabs
  24. Zhaocheng Wang (former member, 2018)
  25. Anson Cartwright (former member, 2018)
  26. Meng Jiang (former member, 2019)
  27. Tianyu Zhang (former member, 2019)
  28. Zhihui Miao (Ph.D. 2021)
  29. Drew Beauchamp (Ph.D. 2021)
  30. Vineet K. Jakhar (Ph.D. 2022) currently: Employed by Ascensus Specialities
  31. Ushnish Mandal (Ph.D. 2022) 
  32. Deene Wise (Masters 2023) currently: Los Alamos National Laboratory
  33. Jhonti Chakraborty (Ph.D. 2023) currently: Post-doctoral research under Dr. Richard Schrock
  34. Rinku Yadav (Ph.D. 2023)
  35. Alec Asper (Ph. D. 2023)

Undergraduate Students

  1. Corey M. Thompson (2006) currently a graduate student at Florida State University
  2. Melissa Clough (2007) currently a graduate student at University at Texas A&M.
  3. Joseph M. Falkowski (2009) currently a graduate student at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  4. Amy Selwach (2009) currently a undergraduate at University of Florida
  5. Jeffrey a. Culver (2010) currently a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology
  6. Chelsea Huff (2010) currently a graduate student at University of Michigan
  7. Claire Heifler (2010) Job at Honeywell
  8. Jorma Shores (2012) Graduated University of Florida, applying to Medical School
  9. Sean Meehan (2012) Junior at the University of Florida
  10. Trevor Del Castillo (2012) Ph.D. student at CalTech in the lab of Prof. Jonas Peters
  11. Mary Garner (2014) Ph.D. student at U.C. Berkeley
  12. Jared Waters (2018) Ph.D. student at University of South Florida
  13. Shaun Gallagher (2018) Ph.D. student at University of Washington
  14. Jessica Heller (2020) Ph.D. student at University of Minnesota
  15. Emma Salanti (2023) Ph.D. Student at Boston University

Post-Doctoral Scholars

  1. Dr. Junhua Luo (2005) currently: Professor, State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry, Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  2. Dr. Subramaniam Kuppuswamy (2010) currently: Postdoctoral scholar, University of Brandeis
  3. Dr. Saikat Dutta (2013)
  4. Dr. Cuijuan Wang (2015)
  5. Dr. Sung-Min Hyun ( 2023)
  6. Dr. Rinku Yadav (2024)
  7. Dr. Alec Esper (2024)
  8. Dr. Umesh Don (2024)